Meet The Team

    Tomek Kopczuk Application performance expert, Django specialist, self-taught car mechanic

    Tomek started driving a car at 13. But apparently it was too late to become the best racing driver (yeah, right), so he took on his other hobby – software development.

    Tomek says that user experience can only be truly great with great UI responsiveness and performance.

    He thinks that The World Wide Web is going down the slippery slope by getting slower and slower. We, as the entrepreneurs and creators of new content, know the value of time perhaps more than anyone else.

    He can often be found driving through the city at night, breathing the freedom.

    Some say that he slept with a stuffed toy spanner, when he was a kid.

    Marcin Mincer Social Network Analysis expert, UX geek, equestrian enthusiast

    Marcin received his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Warsaw University of Technology. The purpose of his thesis was applying Social Network Analysis methods on modern social media like Facebook and Twitter.

    Marcin is obsessed with creating the best end-user experience achieved from great interface design. He thinks that technology should make our lives better instantly with absolutely no need of learning or adjusting to anything.

    Always wanted to be a designer but unfortunately can’t draw. Hopefully, with today’s designer’s tools it seems to be no longer a problem ;).

    Recently he discovered a new way to spend a refreshing weekend — horse racing on Warsaw’s Tor Służewiec. If your city features racing track — You have to give it a shot.

    We’re car freaks – driving is the ultimate manifestation of freedom.